Doctors were shocked when they opened a girl’s belly. They did not expect to find something like this

Alexandra Kinova, a pregnant mother from the Czech Republic, was crying when her doctors announced an unexpected surprise. A check revealed she would not give birth to twins, as she thought at the beginning of her pregnancy.

Instead, more babies were waiting for her. At first, doctors told her she would make a triple. After additional exams, they were quadruped and then spotted a fifth baby.

Commenting on this extremely rare event, Chief Nurse Gabriela Kalouskova said: “We have not seen something like this! It was wonderful and unique. ” Indeed, the odds for five-piece is one in 50 million. According to reports, these are the first five babies born in the Czech Republic. But surprises were not only these.

Alexandra’s pregnancy was particularly striking, since the conception took place physiologically without taking fertility pills. Women who give birth to twins or more babies are usually treated for problems of conception.

Alexandra and her husband, Antonin, were hoping to get a brothel for their son, who was 4 years old then. “I wanted a big family, but I did not expect to be that big,” said Alexandra. All 5 children, 4 boys and 1 girl were born cesarean in 2013. They named them Michael, Daniel, Martin, Alex and Terezka.

The couple did not have a high income, so many donated them. Their city, Milovice, offered them a larger apartment and two assistants. Many of them donated baby clothes and pushchairs.