When the doctors looked at this pregnant woman, they were shocked


Kimi Maxwell from Australia was preparing to become a mother for the second time in 2013. The experience of pregnancy is magical, but it turned to a terrible test when she received the bad news. Kimi was diagnosed with breast cancer. Otherwise it would be quite curable, but as she was pregnant, doctors explained she had to choose between her and her baby.

Kimi, however, has decided to do something unbelievable

Choose the number three option. She refused treatment, to their surprise. Instead, she tried to find a way to fight for her life, protecting her baby as well. The solution turned out to be a double mastectomy, which was done during pregnancy. It is very dangerous to have surgery with a developing embryo in the belly, but fortunately, everything went well.

To encourage other women not to give up, she uploaded these amazing black & white photos, revealing the pain of surgery along with the beauty of her pregnancy. After childbirth she resumed taking her baby in her arms for a project on survivors of cancer.

These photos have become famous and have been used as an example in the fight against cancer. Their message is really new and powerful: yes, you can survive even while you are pregnant! Her decision was dangerous because she was likely to die and therefore her baby, but she hang tough.