Diving coach was paralyzed by cancer and the dive he made on his birthday moved everyone

Although only a few months have elapsed since Cliff Devries’ birthday, the video of his moving dive continues to be viral.

The American was involved in diving from an early age and his dream was to participate in the Olympic Games, but at the age of 22 he was diagnosed with cancer in the brain. After a difficult surgery that lasted more than 13 hours, in order to remove a tumor of about 15 centimeters, Devries remained paralyzed across the right side.

But he did not gave up, despite the obstacle presented in his life, and proved that by will and stubbornness you can do everything. He became a diving coach at the Rochester Institute of Technology, where he has been teaching since 1999, and he has been aiming every year on his birthday to make a swim in a swimming pool.

As we see on the video, Corey’s 20-year-old son, also diving at Monroe Community College, helps Cliff climb up the stadium and although he loses his balance and falls, his son keeps him and finally he dives.

“I still wanted a few centimeters until my leg stuck and fell on Corey. At that time I was very afraid. Various scenarios have come from my mind, “said Devries.

The eyes of the audience pulled up and Grace’s 5-year-old daughter, who just saw her father swim, began to jump and applaud from her joy, and then went to embrace him. Afterwards, when asked, she said she was so proud that her father managed to dive, as she rarely did.

“If I did not have the support of my family, the faith and the people around me every day, I would not have done it,” explained the 44-year-old. I have never seen it as something that can inspire the world. For me, it’s just fun to go up the stairs and dive into the water. I am glad, however, who can help and encourage someone who needs it. ”

“The world around me treats me naturally. Nobody looked at me strangely. They do not consider it special anymore. They know it’s just my annual dive. There are many people who are walking differently, speaking differently, looking differently. We have to embrace theirs. ”