Discovery of the world’s oldest sketch

World’s oldest H**o Sapiens design, a pattern of nine red crosses, was discovered in the Bloom of South Africa. His age was estimated at about 73,000 years and is much older than corresponding “abstract sketches” in Europe and in Northeast Asia, dating back to about 40,000 years ago.

Researchers from different countries (France, Norway, South Africa and Switzerland), headed by Dr. Christopher Hensillwood of the Norwegian University of Bergen, who published the publication in Nature, said the discovery confirms that H**o Sapiens had developed much earlier than we thought cultural behaviors.

In Cobblestone Cave, some 300 kilometers east of Cape Town, several other signs of very early cultural behavior have come to light. At the site – since the excavations began in 1991 – several human artifacts dating back to 70,000 to 100,000 years (Mesolithic Period) have been found, such as ocher-coated shells, ocher ornamental carvings, and a variety of primitive tools.

In the cave was also found a stone fragment with a smooth surface, which had previously been polished with rubbing, on which there is a red ocher drawing of a pattern of vertical and horizontal lines crossed. The abrupt ending of the lines at the edge of the flake, which is derived from siliceous rock, suggests that the sketch originally extended to a larger surface and could not be more complex in its entirety.

Researchers estimate that the design was created with a pointed ocher crayon whose nose was one to three millimeters wide. The sketch was found in the same geological layer, where the ocher carvings had been discovered in the past. The earliest known symbolic representation – a zig-zag carving on a freshwater shell – has been found in Trinil on the Indonesian island of Java and dates back perhaps 540,000 years.

Symbolic objects for personal decorative use between 70,000 and 120,000 have also been found in Africa. Rough-shots in three Iberian caves have been dated back to about 64,000 years ago and are probably thought to be Neanderthals since it is still believed that H**o Sapiens had not migrated from Africa to Europe. Halo stencils discovered in Savo, El Castillo and Apollo are more recent and are considered to be H**o Sapiens’ work. text And where to see when the Polekades begin to make their own in the forum, emotionally etc