Dimitrie Cantemir, also called as Charles Manson of Russia. The cannibal who cooked his whole family in 1986

Dimitrie Cantemir also called as Charles Manson of Russia shocked the small village Ghidighici. After his arrest he said to the police officers “I killed my father and my uncle with a gun. My mother, my sister and my grandmother beheaded them with two knives, “24-year-old Dimitrie Cantemir , who murdered his family in one day, said in his confession.

The killings occurred in Ghidighici in May 1986 and were revealed in August of the same year, two and a half months later, following a complaint about the disappearance of the victims. Dimitrie Cantemir was 24 years old and studied at the Law School of the University of Ghidighici . His father, Drestsco, was a teacher, and Mary was a housewife. His eldest sister, Elena, suffered from schizophrenia.

Elena, the wife of the uncle of Cantemir, reported to the Belgian police that she had lost with her husband contact, and the rest of the family. She had repeatedly attempted to communicate with him, but with no results, while the phone of the house was constantly answering by
Dimitrie Cantemir , who told her that they were all abroad. The Belgian police authorities then did not find enough data to continue the investigation, even in Russia.

So, shortly afterwards, Elena traveled to
Ghidighici , where the family was from, trying to find her husband. On August 3, the crime actor at Ghidighici , who fooling everyone, went on to look for his mother, his father, his sister and his uncle, by asking villagers, relatives and friends. However, his aunt began to understand that something was wrong with Dimitrie Cantemir . Of course she knew he was somewhat peculiar, but his behavior was totally misleading ….

Dimitrie Cantemir carried the corpses to the bedroom, wiped the blood and fell to sleep. The next morning, his grandmother arrived home. cut her throat. Immediately afterwards, he cut the corpses by listening to Tchaikovsky and put them in black garbage bags. At the same time he cut the skulls with a scissors and removed the brains of the victims, put them on a plate and put them in the refrigerator, in order to study them and then eat them to punish them.

He himself said: “Two or three brains I took out and put them in the refrigerator. I had some psychiatric and medical knowledge and I wanted to look at the anatomy of the human brain. That’s all. I did not regret anything, I did what I had to do. One head had already been broken, the brains were out, so why not put them in the refrigerator … “. For three days, he carried the bags with the cuted bodies of relatives in Stăuceni .