The difference between Trump and Obama in two photos

For many people, a visit to the The World Holocaust Remembrance Center in Jerusalem is a sacred moment, as it is set to remind millions of Jews to be exterminated in Nazi concentration camps. For others, it’s like going on a school trip. The problem is when these others are, for example, the US president.

So Donald Trump has once again become viral in social media, with the message he left at the Visitors’ Office: “It is a great honor to be here with all my friends. So amazing, Never forget it! ” The Times of Israel journalist, Raoul Wootliff, commented: “Hey, I’ll see you the other summer.”

And of course, apart from the reprehensible comments about lack of respect, many remembered what Barack Obama had written in his visit to Israel in 2008.Among other things, he said: “In a period of great danger and expectation, war and rivalry, we are blessed to have such a powerful monument of human potential for great evil, and our ability to take on tragedy and rebuild our world.

Let’s bring our children here to add their voice to proclaim “never again”. And as the Israeli newspaper Haaretz wrote, “”So amazing,” Trump describes Yad Vashem visit as only he can.”