The deadliest volcanic eruptions of the last 25 years

After the eruption of the Guatemalan Fuego volcano that broke out on Sunday killing at least 25 people, it was a cause to create a list of the deadliest volcanic eruptions of the last 25 years.

2014: Japan

The sudden outburst of Mount Ontake killed more than 60 people in Japan’s worst volcanic disaster over the last 90 years.

Also in Japan, another incident occurred in the Unzen volcano that killed 43 people in 1991. We must not forget that this country is also plagued by terrible earthquakes, another great evil that has cost the lives of thousands of people over the last hundred years.

2014: Indonesia

At least 16 people were killed on the island of Sumatra in February 2014 from a spectacular explosion of Mount Sinabung, which had been inactive for 400 years.

At the same time, in 2016, a similar incident happened in the area that burned and destroyed several villages and rural areas, which had as a negative result the loss of seven human lives.

2010: Indonesia

One of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world, Mount Merapi, broke out on the densely populated central island of Java, killing more than 300 people in the most powerful explosion that ever occurred in the country since 1872, and even forced 280,000 people to evacuate the area.

An old explosion in 1930 killed 1,300 people, while another in 1994 killed more than 60 people.

2002: Democratic Republic of Congo

The explosion of Mount Nyiragongo in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo completely destroyed Goma’s city center, along with several nearby residential areas, which resulted in cutting the thread of the lives of about 100 people.

1999: Peru

At least 34 people were killed after a sudden volcanic eruption that literally vanished five Andean villages in the northeast of Lima.

1997: Montserrat (British Overseas Territory)

In 1997, the capital of the small British colony, Plymouth, disappeared from the map, killing at the same time 22 people. Montserrat is a volcanic island located in the Caribbean Sea. It is British Overseas Territory while it was a United Kingdom colony since 1632.

1996: Philippines

At least 70 people were killed and another 30 were missing after the outbreak of the Parker volcano crater in the southern part of Mindanao Island. Five years earlier, the eruption of Mount Pinatubo, 80 kilometers north of the capital, Manila, killed more than 800 people.

The worst explosion of the world that has been recorded in history
The most famous explosion in history is that of Vesuvius in modern Italy in 79 AD, which destroyed the cities of Herculaneum, Stabiae and Pompeii, wiping out about 10% of the population of the three cities.