This day of the year your pc is more vulnerable to viruses!

Research shows that December is such a month for our computer as well. A month that poses risks to computer software and a very specific day of the year the computer and our mobile are more vulnerable to viruses.

The US Enigma Software, after analyzing the data that works against malware, revealed the days when your pc is most at risk of being infected. As long as you share the pleasures of joy with your loved ones during Christmas festivals, malware developers are spreading viruses

According to the findings of this survey, comparing data from 30 days to Thanksgiving days in America, computer infections increased by 99.23 percent from Black Friday to Christmas last year. This huge spread of viruses actually relates to our browsing habits. Most people get used to online shopping after Thanksgiving, which means more likely to infect their computer system with viruses.

Knowing that consumers when they shop online await emails and online order forms, hackers make fake messages that look like authentic answers from legitimate services such as Paypal. These messages usually show receipts for products you have not ordered and are meant to make you click to cancel this wrong order and thus get into the fraud link.

Then this link will either download the virus or imitate the actual site and will intercept private login information. So Cyber ​​Monday (this November 27) had a 123 percent increase in virus blows over the 30 days before Thanksgiving. Last December, 14th of December, was the worst day for computer systems.