Dark skin, blue eyes and curly hair: Thats how they were the first ancient Britons






The ancient Britons had black skin, dark curly hair and blue eyes, according to DNA analysis. The reconstruction of the face was done using innovative bone genetics called Cheddar Man, which died 10,000 years ago. His bones, which were found in Somerset of England in 1903, is the oldest almost-completed skeleton ever taken up in Britain.

The scientists were astonished, however, that the ancient British would be considered black if they were in life today!

The researchers even tell us that the ancient peoples who colonized the island developed much later their characteristic white skin and definitely much longer than they expected. And they also say that Cheddar Man is linked directly to 1 in 10 citizens in today’s England.

The study is from the Museum of Natural History and it was part of a Channel 4 documentary (“The First Brit: Secrets of the 10,000 Year Old Man”). Despite the criticism of research, scientists say reconstruction was based on groundbreaking facial reconstruction techniques. So they managed to go at least 300 generations back.

The study also included University College London, which tested the bones and told us today that it is 76% confident that the first Brit was “dark to black”, which is “remarkable.”

Dr. Tom Booth of the Museum said: “If a man with this skin color lived today, we would call him black, certainly darker than we would expect from a European.” And it makes sense: “What really shows is that these fantastic racial accusations we have today areĀ  very modern constructions that can not actually be applied at all in the past.”

Something that Dr. Rick Schulting, an Oxford academic archaeologist, says: “Maybe we have to rethink some of our beliefs about what it means to be a British, how do we expect a British to look like at that time?”