Dad asked his Pit Bull to find the baby. His Reaction? Priceless

Pit Bulls are often considered to be dangerous and aggressive dogs, when in reality, their temper is usually the result of the way they grow. Diesel, the sweet pit bull you  watch in this adorable video, is a perfect example of how proper education makes a difference in a dog’s ability to be loving and affectionate.

The owner of Diesel, leads him to find Ridley, their newborn baby sleeping on the couch. The dog, not only is able to respond correctly to the question, pointing every time where Ridley is, but he also puts his mouth on the baby’s cheek who is asleep as if trying to kiss him!

When a new baby comes home, even the most “baby friendly” dogs need to be trained for the safety of the baby, because it can be jealous until it gets used to the new family member and ties with it.

Watch his priceless reaction on the following video