Cryptos worth $ 1.1 billion have been stolen by hackers in 2018

Cryptos worth $ 1.1 billion have been stolen by hackers in 2018 Through both “dark” internet and malware, hackers (or, more accurately, crackers) “attack” individuals and digital coin platforms, pulling crypto-notes.
As Carbon Black analysts say, “thefts” can not be ruled out by a cartel, however, most of the times, the offender is simply a person highly computer skilled.

According to the ‘’ website, as of June 2016, there have been 12 cyber-attacks against digital coin-trading platforms with prey of more than $ 10 million, when only once.
Larger remains on the platform “Mt. Gox, in 2014, when the hackers robbed Bitcoins with a total value of $ 450 million (the current value is $ 6 billion)!

More specifically, the biggest thefts, until May 24, 2018:

The number of cyber-attacks with the ultimate goal of computer control and, subsequently, ‘cryptojacking’ mining, was up 8,500% last year, according to a report (2018 Internet Security Threat Report) which Symantec has written.
It is noteworthy Symantec’s comment, which estimates cryptojacking is not a crime, it simply causes a slowdown in computer systems and overheating of the power supply. Cryptojacking takes place through various unreliable software downloaded by the user on his computer, but also from a site like Pirate Bay.

Most cryptojacking attacks (24.47% of the total) were recorded last year in the United States, followed by Japan and Germany.