Crossfit destroyes muscles, athletes could get you paralysed

“According to studies in 2017 the most common injuries are the shoulder of 25%, the lumbar spine, that is, the average of 15% and the knee by 8%,”

The main reason why injuries occur is the wrong technical execution of the exercise. Also, the athlete is in a hurry to go to a stage, to try something harder, and so excessive zeal leads him to spoil his technique and to give some inconvenience.

“Because it is a circular, high-intensity program, it has been shown that whenever muscle fatigue occurs, the athletes are more prone to injuries. Of course, there is the possibility of a previous injury recurrence if there is no complete restoration. Research has shown that the coach plays a very important role. The closer he is to the athlete and correcting the time of exercise, the injuries are much less.

First of all, the athlete must notice his previous injury and fully restore it. He has been properly trained in his technique and in motoring standards, without being burdened (something that is a matter of coaching design), and has passed an assessment of his body’s assessment to know which points are most vulnerable. It is also important to be particularly involved in post-training recovery as well as choosing the right coach.