Crocodile “returns” the body of a man at an Indonesian river

An amazing video came to public. It was recorded by residents in Indonesia and shows a crocodile holding a naked body in his jaws and going to the shore.

As foreign media broadcast, the crocodile is reportedly returning the corpse of an unlucky 41 year old man who was missing for days and who had gone swimming in the Berau River in eastern Kalimantan. At one point, the crocodile grabbed him and took him under the water and killed him.

Police efforts to identify him were in vain. But that’s where things get even more strange. According to the BBC, residents of the area claim to have called a black magic wizard who held a ceremony “enchanting” the crocodile and called him to return the body back.

It is not known whether the crocodile who “returned” the corpse is the same as the one who attacked the man, but the concentrated crowd on the river bank claims that the crocodile not only returned the corpse but stayed there to protect it from other predators.

Some locals also report that there is a myth in the area, according to which whosoever swims in the river without clothes is scattered by crocodiles, while those who do swim with clothes are not approaching them.