Cristiano Ronaldo’s mystery behind his career and the role of his friend

Cristiano Ronaldo was on a double mission on that day. On May 24, 2014, Real Madrid played with Atletico Madrid at Lisbon’s Estuary Da Luz and claimed the 10th Champions League / Champions League of its history. Cristiano Ronaldo, however, was also starring in the documentary “Ronaldo” that came out in the halls about a year later. After beating out the goal (4-1) and conquering knowing that he had to give his best to director Anthony Wonke’s camera, he ran to embrace someone.

The interview”

Now, our real story begins. In April 2012, when Cristiano Ronaldo was the  world’s football player compared to Lionel Messi who measured three sets of Golden Balls and was heading for the 4th, an interview was leaked at an online gaming forum. In this Ronaldo narrated the true story of his choice from Sporting Lisbon. “I have to thank my friend Albert Fantau for my success.

He was my teammate at the Youth Club. When the Sporting people came, we were told that anyone who would put the most goals in that match would be accepted into their club, “were the words to the Cristiano Ronaldo that … continued:” We beat that match 3-0 And I scored the first goal and Albert scored the second with his head.

The 3rd impressed everyone. Albert was a quad with the goalkeeper, I was running beside him, he passed the goalkeeper and all he had to do was to send the ball to the vacant hearth. But then he gave me the ball, I put the goal and I got admitted to Sporting. After the match I asked him “why?” And he replied: “because you better than me?” A strange assertion from the footballer who once said he was the first, second and third best in the world. Years after that day that Fandrau chose to give life to Cristiano Ronaldo, a journalist visited him at his home.

Fandrau confirmed that what Ronaldo said was true. He also pointed out that after that game he decided not to become a footballer and is now unemployed. And the reporter asked: “If you are unemployed how do you live in this luxurious home and have this beautiful car in the garage. You seem to be rich. Where does all this come from? ” “From Cristiano Ronaldo,” Fandrau responded.

In the time when anything that concerns the lives of the big football stars becomes an avalanche that is constantly growing, the fantasy of Fantaros was giant. Several have gone for it. When it was revealed that the man who was embraced in the aforementioned final by Cristiano Ronaldo was his brother Ougo Aveiro and not his child friend as originally said, he began to release another fame: he met Fandrau after the final.