Crazy incident with man accused of recording video under a woman’s skirt

An intense incident took place in central London last Sunday, when a woman began chasing a man on the street, accusing him of recording video under her skirt. Citizens that were in front of the incident, overpowered the man.

The woman started shouting in the middle of the road that the man, had video images between her legs.” As claimed, the man putted a shopping bag between her legs and used his mobile which had inside the bag to record the video.

The incident was recorded by a passing cyclist who saw the woman running in the street crying. Within seconds, a group of people surrounded the man who was cahasing the woman. And while he was shouting “Let me go, she kicked him and started pushing him. At that time, a citizen intervened, telling her: “Do not do that, that’s offensive.”

The police who arrived on the spot arrested the man and let him go a few minutes later, having found that the disputed video was not on his phone. But the woman who accused was no longer there to give testimony regarding the crazy incident.