They were convicted due to disregard

“Disregardness” is a scourge of the modern age, however, in one case in Germany its results were tragic and led to convictions. Three people were sentenced to fines because they did not offer help to an elderly person who died a few days later.

The three suspects ignored a man lying on the ground in the front door of a bank, believing that … “he was a homeless”! While the victim was stranded at the entrance of the bank in Hesse in October 2016, in front of an automatic cash withdrawal machine, the three defendants pretended not to have seen him, passing by or just above him, according to the material recorded by the surveillance cameras and were released today.

“I thought he was asleep,” tried to explain one of the defendants aged 61 during this “indifference trial,” as the accused authority described. I’m really sorry,” he told to the Hessian court in western Germany. I went to the bank,” I completed my work and I left “pointed out another accused 39-year-old, who also explained that it has often harassed homeless people.

However, according to a policeman who has reached the point of the tragic event, it was clear that this was not a sleeping homeless. The 83-year-old victim fell several times in a few minutes, striking his head on the ground. After his last fall, he failed to stand up and remained stationary on the ground, between the entrance of the bank and the cash machine.

Four people avoided him or passed over him before a fifth decided to call for help. As soon as the police arrived, the victim still had his senses and gave his details to the authorities, also telling them that he was “tired.” He died a week later. The court sentenced defendants to fines between 2,400-3,600 euros.