Comparing the iPhone SE vs the Galaxy S7

iPhone lovers of the world had been anticipating the release of the new SE model, as it is the first affordable iPhone to be released. And naturally, a new iPhone model has to be pitted against the newest Samsung model, the Galaxy S7. So let’s have a showdown!

iPhone SE vs Galaxy S7


The newest iPhone SE model is the first affordable handset by Apple. It is currently available in the market at a shockingly low price, $ 350! While people assumed it would be more expensive, right of $ 450 or something, everyone is happy with this budget friendly new model. However, the S7 retails at a significantly more expensive price tag of $ 600. Naturally the iPhone wins this round.


The iPhone SE is designed mainly with aluminum, while the S7 is made with a mixture of aluminum alloy and Gorilla Glass 4. Both phones are impeccably made, and obviously no money was spared in designing both. However, when considering the price tag of the SE, we are more impressed as it looks anything but cheap.


The iPhone SE is designed to be much smaller than previous models. The designers aimed for a flexible, sleek, and lighter device. This is very convenient for people hoping to invest in a device that fits one hand.


Here, it is impossible to compare the 2 devices as both are perfectly designed. The S7 has a display of 5.1” that utilized a super AMOLED panel and a quad HD resolution. And when compared to the iPhone, there is barely a difference between their pixel per inch ratio, considering that the SE is a much smaller phone.


Both phones have 802.11 ac WiFi and NFC. The NFC for iPhone will be using Apple pay. As for the Galaxy, it will use Galaxy pay since Android Pay and Samsung Pay aren’t as widely accepted.

Battery, Storage, and Performance

The Galaxy has a micro SD slot that is missing in the iPhone; it cannot compare with the large memory storage of the S7 premium phone.

In the end, there cannot be a winner. Depending on what you need in a phone, you’ll find any of the 2 convenient for your uses. However, everyone knows it comes down to whether you’re an Android fan or an iPhone fan!