Company banned USB sticks to employees

Usage of USB, SD cards and other removable media has been banned by the US company IBM, fearing that any loss or misuse of such data may cause financial damage or damage to its reputation.

Workers who need to transfer data are encouraged to do so via its internal network, according to the BBC, quoted by the Athens News Agency. The company acknowledged that the ban would create difficulties, but it felt it necessary.

In the past, some parts of the company had been forbidden to use “sticles” and other removable digital storage media. But this time, as IBM World Security Officer Samula Naidu has said, the ban will be universal and will be implemented at an international corporate level by the end of May.

An IBM representative said that “we regularly review and improve our security standards and practices to protect both IBM and our customers in an increasingly complex threat environment.”

“This is a courageous move by IBM, as USB sticks actually pose a real risk, as it is often very easy to intercept data from a company through these devices, as well as to import malware,” he said. cyber security issues Kevin Bomond.

He added that in practice IBM may face difficulties in implementing the ban, “as there are staff using USB sticks for legitimate business purposes, which will force workers to change their working habits.” On the other hand, Sumir Karayi, head of cyber security company 1 E, said the IBM ban was a “super-response” of its cyber security staff and estimated that “removing USB will not prevent people from intercepting data” .

The IBM ban comes shortly before the EU’s new General EU Personal Data Regulation, which, among other things, provides for heavy fines for companies and organizations that do not ensure sensitive user data online is on May 25th. According to information on the “The Register” website, which first “pulled out” the issue of IBM, the company, considering the objections of its executives, is considering applying some exceptions to the ban on USB sticks.