Colin Firth, his wife and her stalker lover

Colin Firth has so far been best known for his roles in cinema and on the small screen, but now his personal life is the one he has seen on headlines. The British actor’s wife, Livia Jujieoli, accused Italian journalist Marko Brancacsa of harassing her with threatening phone calls and email.

But the journalist denies the accusations and told The Times that Libya Jujieoli “devised” his allegations against him to cover her relationship with him in 2015-2016 when he was secretly in a relationship with the actor. The Italian filmmaker, who married Colin Firth in 1997, complained that the Italian journalist threatened her by phone calls and email. She also accused him of threatening to ruin her marriage.

According to Livia Jujieoli, Brankasha, he sent photos to her husband. A spokesman for the Italian police said “the couple has been denounced by the prosecutor’s office and the police are investigating the case.” Marco Brancacca argues that he has been involved with the Italian film producer for a year.

“We had a relationship that lasted only a year. He told Collin that he was on business trips and met all over the world. We met in New York, Brazil, Iceland, Italy and even London where they live, “he told The Sun. I would say we were very in love, sometimes when we were together, we got phone calls from Colin. I am accused of chasing without having done anything wrong. ”

“The truth is that we had a relationship for 11 months between 2015 and 2016. I have hundreds of messages and photos that we are together, I have kept one more calendar. We were lovers, “he said.

He also claimed in the Daily Mail that the couple “feared completely when he realized that I would speak publicly and tell everyone this story, so he made a complaint against me for persecution.” The reporter said he regretted sending the photographs to the British actor, but “wanted to learn the truth”.

In a statement released by Colin Firth and Livia Tzutzoli, it is stated: “A few years ago, Colin and Livia took the decision to divorce. During this time, Livia had a brief connection with her boyfriend, Mrs Brankasha. Firth has since been reunited. ”

“Then Mr Brankasha launched a terrible harassment campaign for several months, which is largely documented.” The statement adds: “For obvious reasons, Firth has never had any desire to make this issue public.”