Climate Change: Doomsday Waiting to Happen

Doomsday is just around the corner.  This is not just a threat by false prophets who have been predicting the end of the world since the beginning of time.

Even science has proven that the recent spate of calamities that have been hitting the world in the past few days and years are just a tip of the iceberg and are but sneak previews of the big one that is yet to come.

Man has not been kind to Mother Nature who has provided us with the gift of natural resources which we should have nurtured and taken care of in return.  Man has not only taken advantage of these resources, he has contributed to its destruction as well.

Researchers have already seen the effects of climate change in the powerful storms that bring about tidal waves and flash floods, hurricanes and tornadoes.  On the other hand, long droughts, famine and dry spell threaten both poor and developing countries.

Earthquakes have continued to shake the world unannounced and remain a constant fear among those who live in the metropolis.  And yet man does not give a second thought to the stern warnings of scientists who have sounded the alarm of what is to come.  They are those who give dreadful predictions which may be fearful but so true.  These are predictions and warnings which must be heeded if not prevented.

Man, in his quest for a much better life, have himself contributed to the destruction of the resources from which life itself comes from.