China asked its citizens to leave North Korea

The latest developments in North Korea are raising concern. That’s because Monday, the leadership of China issued a directive asking its people in North Korea to leave it immediately. Beijing seems to have gone ahead with this directive in order to protect Chinese citizens from a possible North Korean conflict with the US, at a time when the US fleet is sailing in the area.

According to Asian media, China’s embassy sent a document to those citizens holding Chinese citizenship, even double, that is, Korean, so they can be repatriated immediately. Let’s note that the sending of letters began on the commemorations of the 85th anniversary of the Korean Army.

However, the question is the fact that China’s embassy did not want to confirm its directive. There is no reference to an official website, and as far as the Chinese government is concerned, its spokesman did not want to mention the issue with the Asian media insisting that the news are confirmed.