Child’s X-ray has gone viral

Before you become a parent, there are several things at home that you would not think could be dangerous to your children. For this reason, young parents are trying to learn what is safe and what is not for their child.

When a child from China, Chen Chen jumped into his bed, slipped into a ball and fell to the floor. Falling, his head landed right on a plug that was on the floor and snapped to the left side of his head.
Fortunately, his parents quickly transferred him to the hospital, where they removed the plug after 3 hours of surgery. At present they can not know if the injury will leave him some long-term harm but are optimistic that he will recover.

It’s almost impossible to secure your home 100% and something will happen but the important thing is to be prepared and to control everything that comes into your place. Low shelves can be easily pulled and dropped. And worse, if these shelves have things like glasses, then your child can be badly cut.

If you do not yet have a child but intend to do so, it would be better to talk to parents who already have children.