Children entered the cave in Thailand for some kind of ritual

As the children’s rescue operation continues in Thailand, information about why they entered the cave in such a risky season comes to light. According to Thai media, the reason they came was to take part on a ritual. Typically, Argentina’s Clarin newspaper, Tham Luang Cave is one of the longest and deepest in Thailand.

However, a warning makes it very clear that there should be no access during the rainy season. For this reason, many are wondering if the football coach of the twelve boys trapped, Ekopol Chadabong, has committed serious foolishness by allowing them access to the inside.

There are those who claim they tried to protect themselves from rain, but that does not explain the course of several kilometers. Others claim it was part of a ceremony for adolescents who had to reach Playa Pattaya where they were trapped and write their names there. The fact that they left out their shoes is perhaps a confirmation of this theory.

This version, which remained fame in the hours after the disappearance, came into force in the last hours of the testimony of one of the rescuers. Dutch diver Ben Reimenz spoke with one of the trapped boys who confirmed that they entered the cave as “a kind of ceremony”.

According to Sky News, the Dutch said the boys abandoned their backpacks and shoes “before entering and trying to reach the end of the tunnel, something like an initiation for the local boys who had to write their name on the wall and return. But a sudden flood due to a heavy rain encased them, “he added.

Ecapol Chandawong, coach of the 25-year-old team, who was in charge of the group on June 23, when they came in, sent a message to the parents of the children, apologizing: I thank all those who came to help. I am very sorry for the parents, thank you for all the moral support, I apologize to all parents, “he said in a letter that the rescuers published this Saturday on Facebook of the Navy of Thailand.

The parents responded by offering their support. “Coach, do not blame yourself. Parents, we all want to be relaxed. No one is angry with you. Everyone sends their best wishes. Thank you for helping us care for our children