Charlie Sheen is accused of overdosing and killing Rick Calamaro






Ex best friend revealed that Charlie Sheen had given an excessive dose of narcotic to Rick Calamaro his ex assistant. An interview with the veteran baseball player, Lenny Dykstra, puts his favorite actor in trouble. His ex friend, Charlie Sheen, reported events that put the artist suspected of murder.

Dykstra, among others, revealed that Sheen had hidden from several sexual partners that he was diagnosed as HIV-positive. The most important information, however, is how he helped arrange the murder of a former assistant!

In July 2012 Charlie Sheen’s maid found the body of his recently dismissed assistant, Rick Calamaro. The autopsy and toxicology tests showed that the 50-year-old had elevated fentanyl values. It is the “pseudo-heroin” or as it is called “the drug that can kill with a breath”.

Calamaro suffered from depression and took several preparations to fight his anxiety attacks and depression. The autopsy reported that according to its history, “the cause of his death is due to an accident”. However, Sheen’s former friend has a different version of Calamaro’s death. In particular, he reveals that at that time, the assistant wrote a book that revealed all the unknown aspects of the actor’s hectic life.

This seems to have made the actor decide to hate him. Dykstra, who spent too much time in prison, confessed to his friend about the book. “Before I got into prison I said,” Pal, this guy writes a book, you have to dismiss him “.

But when he came out of prison, he was informed of the overdose and the death of Calamaro. So he decided to ask Sheen about what had happened. The actor told the former baseball player: “Do you mean Dead Rick? What happened was that this guy tried to blackmail me, as you said. He wanted $ 5 million. I stopped him. I gave him a “warm dose”.

This terminology is used for lethal intravenous injections that are prepared and used in unsuspecting victims! For these categories, we must note that Dykstra has no evidence. At the same time, Charlie Sheen’s lawyer, Shane Bernand, denies this fact vertically.