Cartoon face robot travels to space

An unusual experimental robot, hovering in the air with a cartoon face, was sent today to the International Space Station (ISS) with a space rocket Falcon 9 from Space X, launched by NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

The robot, called “Crew Interactive Mobile Companion” and the nickname Cimon, is intended to act as an astronaut assistant thanks to its artificial intelligence. It weighs five pounds and has 14 internal small motors to allow it to fly under conditions of reduced gravity inside the ISS.

It is also equipped with microphones and cameras to facilitate its collaboration with people, especially with the new German astronaut Alexander Gherst, with whom he will have the most … “dalavera”, among other things helping him to carry out a series of scientific experiments.

The aim is to investigate the extent to which robot-human collaboration is possible and efficient in a space environment.

Cimon, who speaks English and can answer questions, was created by Airbus and IBM on behalf of the German space agency DLR. It is scheduled to return to Earth on December 13, according to the BBC.