Cannabis. Experts warn about its dark side, especially in teenagers






“I recommend to all those with a stress syndrome to do yoga, make fun and smoke cannabis,” said German Zimon, a German TV actor, in an earlier interview. She admitted that she likes to smoke hashish. The same and many other famous colleagues who believe that cannabis sometimes helps them to calm down and be more creative.

However, public opinion in Germany has a cautious attitude towards the substance. Just 4% of those who participated in a survey of YouGov believe cannabis is harmless. More than two-thirds of respondents said they never tried. Experts who spoke on the issue at the German dpa news agency are warning about the strong impact of current cannabis varieties and the serious impact on young users.

The patients of the German psychiatrist-psychotherapist Andreas Behindolf could hardly confirm the relaxing effect of cannabis. Some of them say they hear voices and have a sense of persecution. In order to deal with such and other disorders, some people continue to consume cannabis. Feelings of fear, stress, and other manifestations are not only observed in the substance, but may also be a late consequence after a phase of frequent use, Andreas Behindolov points out.

He and his colleagues in the Ward of Psychiatry and Psychotherapy at the Vivantes Clinic in Berlin each year see up to 900 people experiencing symptoms of psychotic disorders. Approximately 80% of those who first came to Vivantes with similar symptoms were cannabis users.

Probability of late occurrence of disorders

However, the German psychiatrist does not belong to those who completely demonize cannabis. “For some people suffering from psychoses, consumption of cannabis has extremely negative consequences. They should certainly avoid it. Others, however, have no problems, “he underlines. It is very difficult to explain this differentiation, both to young people as a measure of prevention and to people who have experienced disorders, explains Behindorf.

The German psychiatrist mentions cases of cannabis users who are in trouble and they do not realize that these problems, for example in school, have their root in the consumption of the particular substance. “They have concentration problems, they have frequent mood swings, they feel sad. They also experience more frequent disturbances of fear and depression. ”

The German doctor is worried about people who start using cannabis in their 15th and 16th birthdays. “These are six times more likely to develop a psychosis later,” he says.