“Cancel your wedding before it’s too late”. Meghan Markle’s half-brother sent a warning letter to Harry

A letter to Prince Harry advising him to cancel his marriage before it is too late was sent by half-brother of Megan Markle. Actor’s older brother, Thomas Markle, insists that Megan is a “shallow and confused woman who ridicules the prince and the royal family.

“Thomas is not a guest at the marriage of the year and does not have the best relationship with the bride.

The letter, published by In Touch magazine, features:

“As time passes and the royal marriage approaches, it becomes clearer that this is the biggest mistake in the history of royal marriages. Megan Markl is obviously not the right woman for you. You do not see the true Megan, which is now seen by the whole world. Her attempt to portray the princess, like a Hollywood actress below the average, has been tired. ”

The 51-year-old argues that their father went bankrupt trying to financially support Megan, who was keen to make a career in acting.

“What kind of person starts his career using his own father until he goes bankrupt and then forgets the debts that are mainly due to him?” He writes and continues: “And when it is time to pay him back, she forgets her father, as if he had never known him. It is obvious that with the little reputation Hollywood has given her, they took the brains of the air. ”

“And culminating in all that she does not call her own family and instead invites strangers to marriage completely. Who does this? You and the royal family have to put an end to this fake marvelous marriage before it’s too late. Megan is my sister. It’s family. Therefore, it happens depends on herself, or she chooses to forget me or the whole family, regardless of whether the family always comes first, “he concludes.

In spite of his … warnings, the couple is preparing to go up the steps of the church on May 19th.