Burberry changed its logo after 20 years

Burberry’s new designer Ricardo Tissi presented the new fashion logo and monogram in front of his first debut for the British house next month, moving on to the first change in his trademark over the past nearly 20 years. Finally, in the typical tartan pattern, his position now takes the initials “TB” that refer to Thomas Burberry, the founder of Burberry.

The logo in sans serif, capitalized bold and below two words: “London England” was designed by British graphic designer Peter Savell, famous for his work with the New Order musical band. The new brand began to appear in the Burberry ad campaign.


The previous logo featured a knight on a running horse and below wrote “Burberry Established 1856”.

The 44-year-old designer, Givenchy’s former “star”, who designs clothes for Bionsees and Madonna, revolutionizes the British House, starting with the reinvention of the company’s legendary monogram. Burberry and her new artistic director announced the news at Instagram, also posting a photo of the new logo and publishing an e-mail exchange between Ricardo Tissi and Peter Saville to explain how the brand was made.

For the new monogram, Ricardo Tissi searched, according to the Athenian News Agency, in the records of the house and inspired a logo designed in 1908 and a monogram that Thomas Berberis was sketching.

The original “TB” braided together in white and orange on a dark beige background is the new visual identity that marks a turning point in the history of the British house. The new label will be printed on various pieces of Tysi’s first collection for the house, which will be presented at Fashion Week in London from September 14 to 18.