British don’t care about the royal wedding

World will watch Prince Harry’s and Megan Markle’s marriage on Saturday, but most British are not particularly interested in the event, according to a poll by YouGov’s research and analysis company. According to the poll, conducted on behalf of the Republic of the Republic, 66% of British are not interested in the happy event and 60% of citizens are planning to spend a normal weekend.

Harry and Megan will get married in St. George’s chapel at the Windsor Tower with more than 5,000 media envoys present, while about 100,000 citizens are expected to get to the city center that is the market to wish from afar and take part in celebrations.

The poll showed that 57% of respondents believe the royal family will have to pay the costs not only of marriage but of the police taking measures for this event. A poll released last week showed, that most Britons want the continuation of the institution of monarchy in their country.

Another survey by ComRes showed that 58% of respondents believe that the upcoming royal marriage and the birth of Prince Louis, the third child of Prince William and his wife Kate, are events for which the British should be proud, although in favor of this, more elderly people advocate.

The YouGov poll showed that the popularity of the royal family depends on the personalities of its members. While 60% of the respondents said they wanted Queen Elizabeth II, Charles’s son is much less popular. Almost half of the respondents would prefer someone else to succeed the old queen and only 37% want Charles, who is the father of 33 year old Harry and 36-year-old Williams.

“This YouGov poll shows very clearly the image of a country indifferent to the royal family,” said Graham Smith, executive director of the Republic. “We are not yet a country of supporters of the democratic system, but we have stopped being a supporter of the kingdom.”