A British company created the new internet called DADI

According to the company, DADI (Decentralized Architecture for a Democratic Internet) is faster, cheaper and safer, but the most important thing is that network control will not be in the hands of big companies but to those who use it.

The network will only be managed by users who will connect their devices (gaming consoles, tablets, laptops, etc.) to use their backup power to run and maintain the network. Almost all of the revenue (85%) will be returned to the users, based solely on the blockchain.

Explaining this new approach, DADI founder and chief executive officer, Joseph Denne, said: “Today, a huge amount of computational power in homes and businesses is lost in the world and is not used for a good purpose. Expensive computers, game consoles, decoders, smart TVs and other devices lose large amounts of their computing power, especially when they are left unused or in standby mode. And that is the power we will use for this new network – drastically reducing dependence on expensive data centers that damage the environment. ”

“In the same way that homeowners can now install solar panels and sell the surplus electricity back to the Public Power Corporation, the public will be able to connect their home devices to the DADI network – gaining passive income as contributing and participating in the fairer, safer and safer internet “.

Of course, we must point out that DADI has not been adopted by many people at this stage to test the effectiveness of its creators, and thus to gain the popularity it deserves, since it is something as good as it is called.