Boeing presented the plans of the new Concorde

When in the mid-70s the appearance of the futuristic for the era but also imposing on the Concorde face a new revolution in the air transport sector was a fact. The ultrasonic boat made the Europe-America trip within 3.5 hours and has been a reference point for the aviation industry for many years. However, a number of causes with major accidents and economic reasons have led to the withdrawal of Concorde from the ethers. The last flight of a Concorde took place in 2003.

Since then, both large aerospace industries and some space agencies, but even some start-up companies, have presented designs of advanced ultrasonic passenger aircraft that at least will be able to move even faster than Concorde at the same time, and at the same time safer.

The latest such proposal came from Boeing, who presented the plans of her own … successor to Concorde at the American Aeronautics Institute conference held in Atlanta these days. It is a craft that will develop speeds 2.5 times greater than that of Concorde, that is about five thousand km / h, and will move 30 thousand feet higher than the Concord, ie it will skyrocket about 30 km from the surface of the Earth.

Boeing executives have said that this boat will be able to travel from London to New York in two hours and so one can easily make a transatlantic return trip on the same day. This vessel will be able to travel from the US to Asia, crossing the Pacific, in about three hours.

Although Boeing officials are optimistic that this craft could start flying in the middle of the next decade, airline industry experts say that even if Boeing started tomorrow morning the construction of the boat, it could not accept passengers earlier from the end of the 2030s. However, it is certain that similar similar projects of supersonic aircraft will soon emerge.