Bizarre lighting over a US air base has shocked secret services

Conspiracy scenarios triggered a mysterious object that was found over an airbase in Washington State in the US but also questions and speculations as it has not been clear whether it is a meteorite or rocket launch. On Sunday morning a resident of the area photographed a bright vertical line in the sky on the Kitsap peninsula.

The post on his personal account shows an orange line with a luminous tail crossing the clouds, similar to a missile launch. The photo quickly became viral and attracted the attention of local TV stations who contacted the Navy Air Base on Whidbey Island, including the Pentagon, according to the news agency Russia Today.

According to scientists, the glow certainly does not come from a meteorite and it looked more like a rocket, wrote Greg Johnson, who also published the photo. The Navy expressed its keen concern, but a spokesman for the base replied that in no case does the flash come from there as they do not have missile launchers.

According to local media, in the area in the morning hours of Sunday he was flying an ambulance helicopter that could have caused all the confusion in the clear sky of the area.