Bitcoin’s new highest record in history of cryptocurrencies!







The $ 10,000 record overtook the Bitcoin digital currency on Wednesday morning, reaching BitStamp Cryptographic Trading Platform at $ 10,743.61, to be formed a little later at $ 10,115. This is a historic record for the digital currency, created in 2009, using encryption and a blockchain database that allow fast and anonymous transfer of funds outside of the conventional central payment system.

In fact, its value has more than doubled since the beginning of the year, amid increased demand from institutional investors for cryptobonds as their use is widening. At the same time, “traditional” and skeptical investors argue that this is a classic speculative bubble that has nothing to do with real activity in the financial market or the economy.

For their part, central banks argue that the sizes they serve are not capable of causing risks to the global economy, but they admit that in the future they may be able to use the blockchain to settle payments.

On the other hand, investors who warn of an epic dimensional bubble are also missing. “Bitcoin will be the biggest bubble of our days,” warned legendary investor Mike Novogratz, who predicted that the most popular cryptocurrencycould reach $ 40,000 by the end of 2018.