Bill Ward, drummer of Black Sabbath died after heart problems!






The health problems faced by Bill Ward for some time have brought him back to the door. According to a message he made on Facebook himself, his state of health forced him to be hospitalized, and he had to cancel a leg of his tour with his new band, Day Of Errors, scheduled to begin on December 7.

Bill Word was born in Birmingham in 1948 and began to play drums in childhood, with major influences on Gin Krupa and Bady Ritch. In the mid-1960s, he joined The Rest and met Tony Iomy in Mythology, where he joined in 1968.

Shortly afterwards, they formed The Polka Tulk Blues Company with singer Ozzy Osbourne and bassist Gizzer Butler from Rare Breed, as well as guitarist Jimmy Phillips and saxophonist Alan Clark. The band changed their name to Polka Tulk before Phillies and Clark left.  Shortly afterwards they changed their name to Earth and then to Black Sabbath.







After his initial departure from Black Sabbath in 1980, Worde took part in an American rock band Max Havoc. When he retired in 1983, he made the production in Max Havoc’s homonymous album before setting up his own band. Guitarist Phil Vonkins left the band to become a member of Persian Risk in 1984.

After another failed attempt with Black Sabbath, Wright formed England’s Glory with singer Paul Williams, bassist Bob Ridgeway and guitarist Rob Howell. The band recorded a demo but did not make official release.