coffee Reduces Dementia Risk By 50 Percent




Coffee has been receiving a lot of attention lately as brain enhancer. Some scientists don’t agree on the merits discussed surrounding coffee; some believe that long term coffee drinking brings a lot of risks to the drinker while others believe coffee has a positive effect, both are according to a Forbes report. The current study is on the latter’s side.

Utilizing records from a former Italian Longitudinal Study involving aging, a survey on 1,445 Italian citizens between the ages 65 and 84 was conducted; scientists interviewed people asking them questions concerning their health, which included how many cups of coffee they consumed.

The study discovered that people who drank coffee consistently were more mentally active compared to those who didn’t. Those who increased their coffee intake in a gradual manner were also at twice the risk of developing Mild Cognitive Impairment or MCI. The rate of MCI in persons who take their coffee in a gradual fashion was 1.5 times more compared to those who consumed coffee once daily.

{Ok, here’s the bizarre part, the same study also mentioned that those who consistently drank one or two cups of coffee daily suffered less MCI than those who never drank coffee or those who barely drank it. It might be that drinking too much coffee for a long period of time may have mental risks while drinking coffee in moderate amounts can actually stop mild cognitive impairment, up to certain limit.

The study, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease, supports the conclusion that coffee has certain neuroprotective properties. Just remember to keep it to a cup or so a day.