The beginning of a wonderful relationship between Trump and Kim

US President Donald Trump expressed his enthusiasm to the reporters after his working lunch with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un before signing the joint communiqué, saying “it was really a fantastic meeting that went better than it could have imagined no one and made much progress. ”

“We will have a wonderful relationship,” he added, smiling.

Kim, on his part, welcomed the “historic meeting” with Trump, where the two leaders “turned a page in the past” and described this first meeting with the American president as “a good preamble for peace.”

“The way to get there was not easy,” recalled the North Korean leader.

The process of nuclear de-nuclearization on the Korean peninsula will begin “very quickly,” Trump added after signing the joint communiqué.

“We are starting this process,” he said, “very fast”.

The text signed by the two leaders at their first meeting was “universal,” Trump added, “historic,” Kim added, without further elaborating on this. The North Korean leader, at the same time, welcomed this new beginning in relations between the two countries.

“Today we had a historic meeting and we decided to go back to the past,” he said, thanking the President of the United States who allowed it to happen. “People will witness a great change,” he underlined. President Trump confirmed at the same time that he intends to invite the North Korean leader to the White House. “Of course,” he answered a journalist’s question about a possible Kim‘s invitation to Washington.

“We will meet often,” Trump added, explaining that he created a “very special relationship” with his interlocutor. This relationship with the North Korea will be very different, he added. Kim is “very smart and a very worthy, very tough negotiator. I learned he is very talented. I also learned that he loves his country very much, “he also said referring to the North Korean leader.

“People will be impressed and people will be very happy and we will face a very dangerous problem for the world,” Trab said.

North Korea’s Kim Jong-Un will leave Singapore for Pyongyang tonight at 21:00 local time, according to two sources familiar with his program. Following the historic summit meeting with Donald Trump, the North Korean president returned to the St. George Hotel. Regis of Singapore, along with his numerous delegation.

The same sources reported that Kim is going to depart from Changi Airport in Singapore, and the American delegation is expected to leave this afternoon, sources said.