These are the most beautiful twins in the world






Leah Rose and Ava Marie are known as “the most beautiful twins of the world”! The beautiful little girls are only 7 years old and have more than 170,000 followers at Instagram! The two twin girls are staying in Orange County, Los Angeles, and are now known as the Clements Twins in modelling, are registered in two agencies and sign contracts with children’s fashion companies and magazines.

They are naturally blonde hair, slightly ostentatious skin, impressive gray-green eyes and a mother who has great dreams for them.

In July, when their mother, Jaqi Clements, decided that it was a shame so much to be missed, she opened her daughter’s an Instagram account with  under the name Clements Twins. As with any beautiful and intimate features, especially if we are talking about a child, the twins shortly become Insta celebrities.






Their mother Jaqi, as she writes in the twins blog (theclementstwins.com), first asked her daughters whether they would like to try modelling and, having obtained their consent, went ahead.

“When I introduced my idea to girls, I told them that in addition to dancing or swimming, having weekly activities as part of their program, they could try to be photographed as models. Of course, when they heard it they began to jump from their joy. So did I!”.






Just before Christmas, within a week, they were photographed for 6 different projects and, according to their mother, they loved every minute of the proceedings.

In fact, the two sisters are not the only models in the family. Their mother also manages the Instagram of their also beautiful brother Chase Robert, who is nearly one and a half year older. The 8-year-old is also photographed for fashion campaigns.

“This year was different. Girls were different, “she writes in a post on the blog.

“They now have their own personality while love to dance in front of an audience. I believe in signs and I consider 7 their lucky number. So as they were born on 7/7, I had the feeling that 2017 would be an unbelievable year for them. ”






Girls are now in the list of the most sought-after models, and many call them “the most beautiful children in the world”.