Beatles drummer Ringo Starr knighthood at Buckingham Palace

The former Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was knighted at Buckingham Palace and joked with the reporters after the ceremony saying: “I expect you to use my title.”

The 77-year-old Liverpool musician, now living in Los Angeles, was honored for his contribution to music, as his name was included this year in the Queen’s New Year’s Queen of England Price List.

Ringo, whose real name is Richard Starke, participated with Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and John Lennon in legendary Beetles when he replaced drummer Pete Beast in 1962, and occasionally he sang the songs “Yellow Submarine »and« With a Little Help from My Friends ».

Since 1988, Starr as Beetle belongs to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, an honorary distinction for rock enrollers, and in 2015 he is again honored with the same title for his solo career after the break-up of the famous British band.

McCartney was knighted 21 years ago and yesterday’s ceremony took place 53 years after the Beatles were awarded the 1965 Royal Order of Queen Elizabeth by the British Empire.