Baby was immediatelly transfered to intesive care. The doctors were shocked with what they found

A man and a woman from South Carolina were arrested when a 5-month-old child was taken to hospital with serious injuries. The police say that the man stuck his finger deep into the baby’s throat. Celeste Paula Marroquin, 20, and Ricardo Perez Salas, 23, were persecuted when the baby was transferred to a pediatric ICU in a hospital in Greenville, South Carolina, with severe oral trauma on June 13.

Marroquin was accused of neglecting a child and is being held with a $ 20,000 guarantee, according to WSPA. Salas was accused of child abuse and neglect of a child and is detained without any guarantee. The police say that from their research they found that Salas put his finger deep in the infant’s throat for a long time while the baby was crying. This allegedly caused serious harm to the baby’s throat.

Salas was at home with the child, despite the order of the Department of Social Services that forbids him from having contact with the child. Salas and Marroquin are accused of trying to cover the baby’s injuries, avoiding seeking medical care for several days, according to the WHNS.

The infant had to undergo extraordinary surgery for the injuries suffered and is currently in a snorkel but is expected to fully recover. Readers shared their thoughts on the story on Mad World News on Facebook.

“Again, why are we losing taxes on these stupid stupid subjects,” a reader commented. “Both deserve imprisonment without suspension and hard work. Without TV, college education, medical treatment or rehabilitation. They just are not worth the trouble. When the child gets well, he should never again be near these idiots. To find a place where they will love it and have the opportunities it deserves for every child. ”

“How can a woman allow this to happen to her baby. Women must learn to protect their children. I have no sympathy for these people. I hope the baby will recover and will be adopted to be able to bring joy to a couple who will love it and have a loved home.