A baby that was declared as dead shocked everyone

Mindy and Rob Seay waited  to hug their son in their arms, but when the baby was born, their dream broke down and the challenges they were facing were enormous …

When Mindy from Anchorage, Alaska, was 20 weeks pregnant, the baby was diagnosed with severe heart problems. Shortly after his birth, little Lincoln had to do an open-heart surgery to be able to live. And when Lincoln was three months old, Mindy and Rob learned the disastrous news: To survive Lincoln, he had to do a heart transplant.

Rob was upset when he learned the bad news about his son, but realized that his wife needed his support. The family changed home to be closer to the Seattle Children’s Hospital. Rob did not have time to think about and had to act quickly. “I refused to let my family suffer, I did everything that I could to give them the support they needed,” he said.

Lincoln’s state of affairs gradually worsened and the family sank ever deeper into despair. After surviving after two heart attacks, the good news came about the little Lincoln: the donor was found!

Mindy wrote on her Facebook page to thank the mother of the unknown child: “Maybe I do not know your name now, but I want you to know that I appreciate the gift you make to us, I have not appreciated so much another gift in my life . ”

But again fate intervened and while the preparations for the surgery were in full swing, suddenly, Lincoln’s heart stopped beating and was clinically declared dead … But his doctors refused to leave him so easily. With the help of specialized machines, they managed to keep him alive. With a superhuman collective effort, Lincoln turned back to life. The problem of heart transplantation, however, has not yet been solved.

In heart transplantation, in most cases, the time required is a few hours, but in the case of Lincoln, this complicated surgery took the doctors only 12 minutes! Although his condition was extremely critical, Lincoln’s surgery was successful and doctors thought it was a miracle.

The little boy had surpassed the most incredible challenges and managed to even face death. And in this epic battle everyone gave their best, the doctors, the staff, and most importantly, a donor, behind which there is certainly another heroic story.

Everyone played their part but in the mind of Mindy, Lincoln’s mother, there is an unknown hero: her husband, Rob.

While Mindy was taking care of Lincoln, who was fighting for his life in the hospital, Rob had to take care of everything else, such as doing shopping, sending older children to school, and arranging homework Such as cooking, cleaning and washing clothes!

The father, for his part, says he would do everything to feel the feeling he feels now when he sees his son’s heart beating violently … “I could not imagine I was going to take it all without Rob’s support. He gives everything for his family and even sacrificing his own needs to cover our own, “said Mindy for her husband.

Also, Mindy wrote a thankful letter to the donor’s mother, saying, “You and I may never meet, never talk, never cross the same paths, but we will always be connected to a divine, spiritual level . Your child and mine will always be connected since the heart that grew up in your own uterus is now pounding on my own child’s body. Your child will live in my own