Astronomical amount for a 1923 camera

The Leica camera was sold at an auction of the Westlicht gallery in the weekend for an astronomical sum of 2.4 million euros, with a starting price of 400,000 euros. The buyer is a private collector of Asian origin who did not want to be named, the gallery, one of the world’s most renowned collections, regularly organizes auctions of old and precious models.

Leica is part of a series of 25 prototypes manufactured in 1923, two years before the famous German trademark is marketed, and is also one of the three series that have been preserved “in their original state” according to the AFP.

The previous record amount for a camera was 2.16 million euros for a Leica of 1923 sold in 2012, according to the Westlicht gallery.

The Austrian Andreas Kaufmann bought the German company in 2005, who was top-ten, and managed to re-launch this brand-name, which was fully trusted by the pioneers of photojournalism Robert Kapa and Henry Cartier-Breson.