Artificial Intelligence program creates nightmares from your texts

A team of researchers has created an artificial intelligence algorithm that transforms whatever you write into nightmarish scenes.

Click here and type something, a simple suggestion preferably. As long as you do, you will see that the program converts the words you write into images.

Animal suggestions, researchers suggest, create strange illustrations. The project is the creation of Cristobal Valenzuela and his team at the University of New York and its purpose is to develop a better object recognition software to learn on the spot.

Every time we play the algorithm, we do it better. “Attentional Generative Adversarial Network” call it (AttnGAN) and have created some quite impressive images. The important thing here is how it generates image and evolves as the typing continues. A suggestion such as “this bird is red and white and has a very short beak”, for example, produces a series of visual correlations that try to match the words you type when typing.

And despite the fact that it is nothing but a toy for us, it has a series of advanced technological innovations from behind, as it represents a big break in the territory of artificial intelligence. As the researchers say, “automatic image production according to descriptions of natural language remains an essential problem of artificial intelligence” …