They arrested her because he sent him 65,000 messages

The world of acquaintances can become very scary sometimes, as there is often a dimension between e-reality and the real world. Something that an American who was finally forced to go to the police was well aware of, as the woman she had seen on the internet bombarded her daily with messages. Five hundred messages a day, just!

31-year-old Jacqueline Ades was finally charged with a bunch of offenses and offenses, as he was determined to win him at all costs. “Daily Mail” tells us the two of them went out for an appointment, the woman fell in love with him and he no longer accepted “no” as an answer.

The 500 messages a day finally became 65,000, but he went to the police last July when he saw her lurking one day out of his house. The police officers removed her from the point when she got away and the erotic messages became threatening.

According to the ABC15 network, things were getting worse in April, when he was missing from his home and saw it in the online security circuit he had in his house taking his bath in his bathtub! The police arrested her on the spot and found in her car a knife hidden under the passenger’s seat, a packet with a few more threats that sent him to kill him and wash him with his blood.

Even in his office had gone sometime pretending his wife, we talk about such things. She spoke from the detention center at ABC15: “I felt I had met my sister soul and I thought we would do what everyone else would do, we would get married and everything would be good”