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Apple Practically Invites FBI to Hack Their iPhone, Again!

We’ve all been in the loop when it comes to the epic battle between Apple and the FBI. The FBI had previously requested Apple’s help in cracking their system and hacking a phone for a murder case. However, Apple refused to do so, as this would set a very dangerous precedent that would compromise millions of other phones. Not to mention that creating a backdoor to their own openly praised, impossible to breach security would greatly undermine their products.

However, the FBI recently succeeded at hacking the iPhone in the San Bernardino killers’ case and extracting the needed data, with the help of an unidentified third party.

And that has got Apple’s attention. Apple’s lawyer, Marc Zwillinger, sent a letter to the US district court judge and practically invited the FBI to do it again. This time, they wanted them to hack the New York case phone and tell them how they did it. On the other side, if the FBI said they couldn’t do it again, they also had to explain why not. Furthermore, this puts Apple in a position of power because if the FBI can do this without them, then the case is closed, and Apple’s help is no longer needed!


This is also a clever ploy by Apple, as this would allow them to know how the FBI managed to hack the phone. According to legal experts, Apple could get the judge to force the FBI to tell them if they wanted. Moreover, the phone the FBI cracked used iOS 7, an older version of iPhone’s operation system and an easier system to crack. However, Apple’s invitation for the FBI to crack the NY phone would give them insight on whether their newer iOS 9, which is supposedly highly secure and unhackable, can be hacked by the same method.

The Justice Department have yet to decide whether they would give Apple the information they want or not; FBI also hasn’t said if this method works or doesn’t on other devices. But Apple are worried what would happen if this hacking technique spread; that would threaten millions of phones. Also, Apple thinks the FBI’s method may have exploited the software, which is much more dangerous that hacking hardware.

Nothing is sure yet, but Apple is maintaining a strong front against the FBI, since it seems they won’t be backing out without getting what they want.