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Apple iPhone 6S hits the market


The iPhone 6S and 6S Plus are already in the market. The iPhones are expected to be sold in large number before the end of this weekend.

From Sidney to New York, eager buyers flocked the Apple stores to get the new models, which have an improved camera and a 3D feature.

Justina Siciunaite, a Lithuanian student, said that the first thing he will do is to take a picture after buying an iPhone in New York.

In the morning, an Apple Store in Soho was filled to capacity. The customers made a long line, patiently waiting to be served. Apple employees were all scattered in the store to make sure that customers were orderly.

Aaron Bock, who left the IPhone store at around 11.15am carrying 64g white iPhone, said that he had never bought an iPhone on the first day. He said that he was really shocked that people were getting the iPhones easily.

According to Bock, the process was easy and smooth. He said that he had made a reservation beforehand and it took him only 45 minutes in the iPhone store.

Mihkel Mäesalu, and Estonia resident, who was in New York for a holiday, had queued since 7.30am. He stated that waiting was “not a big deal” because he was listening to podcasts.  He was expected to travel back home later that day.

Don King, an Australian citizen said that he was very patient. He was in the iPhone store since 6.30am. He said that he was in the US for a road trip.  He lined up for a new iPhone “out of necessity” because his phone was very old.

The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus have an enlarged screen. They boast of many modern improvements. Though the phones are same size as previous models, they have a 3D touch feature that enables them to respond according to how they are pressed on the screens

The chips that are used by the new iPhones are made by, among others, Avago Technologies ltd, Qualcomm Inc, Texas Instrument Inc, Skyworks Solutions Inc and Inc’s TriQuint Semiconductor.

 The memory of iPhone 6S is made by Toshiba Corp. On the other hand, Sandisk Corp makes memory chips for iPhone 6. The 5S memory chip is manufactured by SK Hynix Inc.