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The Anti AIDS Vaginal Ring that Reduces HIV Infections

With effort being ever poured in the area of HIV-prevention, a new version is being studied in order to help women, especially in Africa, protect themselves from AIDS when their partners just won’t use a condom.


Aside from anti-AIDS pills and condoms, there is now a vaginal ring that oozes anti-AIDS drugs that help in fighting off the disease. While the vaginal rings sold in the US are for contraception, these don’t have any contraception material in them; they are simply for HIV prevention. Experts say that studies regarding this ring have varied.

Apparently, the test on women who were 25 and older showed they were 61% less likely to contract the disease; however, for the ones aged 18 to 21, the results seemed nonexistent. This was, however, attributed to the fact that they may not be using it consistently or that they weren’t properly educated as to how to use it.


This ring has to be changed monthly and used consistently in order to show results. And while it isn’t the perfect option, scientists are saying that women should be given options, even if they were less than perfect, instead of being left to fend off for themselves as the industry works for the “perfect” cure.