Ancient underground tunnels of 12,000 years, ranging from Scotland to Turkey

According to thousands of underground tunnels stretching from North Scotland to the Mediterranean, the answer is a large YES. While the raison d’être behind these sophisticated tunnels remains a mystery, many experts believe that this huge prehistoric age network was built as protection from predators and other hazards 12,000 years ago!

Some experts believe that these mysterious tunnels were used as modern motorways, allowing people to move and connect with distant places across Europe.

In the book Secrets Of The Underground Door To An Ancient World (German title: Tore zur Unterwelt), German archaeologist Dr. Heinrich Kus reports that the details of the huge underground tunnel have been found under hundreds of Neolithic settlements across the European continent. These tunnels are enormous and are often referred to as ancient highways, thus connecting them to distant places all over Europe.

According to Dr. Kusch, the fact that many of these tunnels still exist 12,000 years ago, suggests that they must have complex structures and huge sizes.

“There were thousands of them across Europe,” says Dr. Kusch,

“We have discovered hundreds of thousands of meters of underground tunnels in Germany. In Austria We have hundreds of more tunnels found. These underground tunnels can be found everywhere in Europe and there are countless of what we have to measure. “The German archaeologist said.

While some of the tunnels are of relatively small dimensions with more than one meter in width, there are other tunnels that have found archaeologists and speleologists to have even mysterious underground chambers and storage spaces.

The fact is that these tunnels have emphasized the incredible ancient ingenuity which is nothing of the history books that we are told today, according to the Institute of Speleology of the EU. Ancient mankind had the knowledge and tools to create complex of structures over ten thousand years ago! (it is assumed that the man had no tools and did not even discover the wheel)
Evidence is, for example, the Bosnian Pyramids in Europe with their incredible underground tunnels, which continue for hundreds of miles on land that the current agronomists of the METRO fail to successfully drill because of the particularly hard rocks in the area.

Dr. Kusch and his research team report that “across Europe there are thousands of these tunnels – from the north to Scotland to the Mediterranean.”

And he goes on saying “They are angled with angles, in some places they are bigger and there is a living room, or storage rooms and unfamiliar rooms rooms. They do not have all the connection between them, but together they are a really huge and inconceivable underground network. »

Cappadocia in Turkey is another incredible example. The underground city of Derinkuyu is another proof that highlights the lost technology and methods of building our ancestors. The underground city of Derinkuyu is perhaps one of the greatest achievements in underground construction along with the huge tunnel network. The geological characteristics of the stone from Derinkuyu is something that is very important because here is very soft.

Thus, the ancient manufacturers of Derinkuyu had to be really very careful to build these underground chambers that provide a frightening pillar power to support the floors above. If this had not been achieved, the whole city would have collapsed, but so far, archaeologists have found evidence of no precipitation in Derinkuyu!

Other ancient monuments such as the Gobekli Tepe are even more vital proofs in this direction of the incredible abilities and knowledge of people who inhabited our planet more than ten thousand years ago and for many specialists are “Historic Paradoxes”

According to Dr. Kusch, chapels are often built at the entrances to the underground tunnels because the Catholic Church was afraid of the idolatrous heritage that the tunnels may represent, and like many other things, the church wanted to make sure the tunnels were kept secret.

Even more interesting is that in some of the tunnels they discovered writings that refer to underground tunnels found as gates in the lower world.