American state mistakenly fixes a law that allows pregnant women to commit murder

New Hampshire pregnant women may even not get arrested for murder, having the state legislator alongside them.\ As Independent reported, the Republicans did not notice the fine print of Amendment 66 of the local Parliament, criminalizing the death of the embryos.

The law considers a 20-week embryo as a “human”. So if a 20-week-old fetus is killed in a carriage then the offender will have to face the maximum penalty. Women’s organizations and Democrats, however, saw the law as a Trojan horse to criminalize abortion, so the law was revoked and returned to plenary by excluding the pregnant woman itself from the punishment if she decides to abort her child.

The law, instead of allowing the pregnant woman or her doctor to perform the abortion, it speaks in general and vaguely, and seems to allow the pregnant woman to save herself from second degree murder, homicide and assisted suicide!

“The law as written facilitates medical-assisted suicide and allows pregnant women to commit homicides without consequences,” the local Republican Party spokesman said.

The flaw in the law was identified after the bill was passed, forcing the House of New Hampshire to vote again to modify the way of expression. “No one in this room voted to allow anyone to murder anyone,” the Republican chief said, “this was not our intention.” As it became known, the law was to be amended immediately.