American citizens love Oprah, but they don’t want her for president






Do Americans really want famous Tv star Oprah Winfrey to become president of the US, an idea that was discussed long after her speech at the Golden Globes ceremony? Although most of them would appreciate to win Donald Trump if the elections were being held now, the majority of voters would not want to see her run for the White House, according to a poll.

According to this survey, conducted from Monday to Wednesday on a sample of 1,350 adults from the Marist Poll Institute for the public radio network NPR, 64% of Americans have a positive view of the famous presenter and businesswoman.

Indeed, one American in two (50%) said he would vote for Oprah if the presidential elections were held today, compared to just 39% who would vote for Trump, another former US TV star.

But as popular as 63-year-old Oprah Winfrey, only 35% of Americans would like to see her apply in 2020. Even among the supporters of the Democrats, the percentage of those who would like to be a candidate for the woman who is something like the US small screen institution does not exceed 47%, while among republicans it drops to 15%.

The survey was conducted after Sunday’s TV and film award ceremony and the impressive Speech of Winfrey in Golden Globe, after being honored for her overall offer. Her speech was the reason for the intense scenario of a possible candidacy for the presidency.

In front of an enthusiastic audience, the first black American to have a television network has, among other things, prompted a “new dawn” for women and girls who have been or are being mistreated by men. Some sources near the billionaire said she would “seriously think” about being a candidate.