Amazon is selling books, backpacks and games that promote hate to children

According to the findings of the new report, it has been found that Amazon has sold and continues to sell a wide variety of products that represent or promote the superiority of the white race to others, including many species aimed at children. The report also argues that Amazon has in fact not taken the necessary eradication actions, and if it has done so, it has happened to a small extent and with little response – or not at all after public pressure to remove or block hate products.

The report was published this month and was co-organized by two organizations, Working Families and Action Center on Race and the Economy, and found a range of children’s products on the site with images generally believed to promote hate. Undoubtedly, the most disturbing products included a baby wearing the symbol of the Fire Cross – which had the emblem of the racist organization, Klux Klan.

There is also a children’s backpack with a cartoon frog that wears the Cape of Nazi SS.

The report also describes a series of books sold by Amazon that says they promote violence and racism and include dozens of books from the nationalist counter-currents publishing house, a fact that makes a special impression on the gang of e-commerce. Obviously he does not have time to do the obvious and remove the products that are considered controversial.

But the strange part of the case is that many of the elements described in the report appear to violate the Amazon rules, which prohibit products that “promote or hate hatred, violence, racial, sexual or religious intolerance.

In a Fortune statement, Amazon said that non-bibliographic products are that third-party vendors using Marketplace have to follow our guidelines and those who do not do so are subject to various sanctions, including the eventual removal of the account their.

Amazon’s book guidelines state that pornography is unacceptable, just like “Aggressive Content.” Instructions for publishers are more detailed, but they do not make a specific reference to hate speech, so there is a huge gap in this big issue.